Information SourcesUnderstanding Penny Stocks by Peter Leeds

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Information Sources

One major problem with penny stocks has always been the lack of information.

Details and company data can be sporadic and unpredictable, and even once you have some information in your hand, you don't know if you can trust it.

I not only try to help you find the best sources of information about penny stocks, but I have gone a step further.

Certain resources and areas of information have always been lacking, so I created them myself, such as this very web site for example, which is the original and most complete penny stock resource.

Now, with these resources for penny stocks, you can find the value of those old penny stock certificates you find in your grandfather's attic, or report dishonest marketing for penny stock services you come across on the internet.

And I am still not done there! You tell me what you would like to see. If there is enough interest I would gladly add any article, service, or resource that you feel may help you, or your fellow penny stock investors. Just let me know what you would like to see.

After all, this book was created and designed for you, so why shouldn't you get a say in what gets put into it?