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Do Your Own Research

The best way to come up with good penny stock picks is through a combination of professional opinions and your own hard work.

Don't invest in something just because the service you joined says to. And don't load all of your hard earned money into a penny stock that you found on your own, if you do not have a good investment track record in the past.

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Even if you decide to get penny stock picks from a service, you should still do your own research. Look deeply into the companies that the service talks about, and see if you agree or disagree with their findings. Confirm the numbers and details they provide. Ask yourself if these penny stocks meet your own investment objectives, risk tolerance, and timeframe outlook.

Some good ways to do your own research are:

  • Learn Leeds Analysis and apply it to the penny stocks you are interested in.
  • Use the tools and Internet pages described in Our Picks for High Quality Web Sites to isolate and research potential investments.
  • Have a clear understanding of your investment goals, financial situation, timeframe outlook, and risk tolerance in penny stocks.
  • Watch the penny stocks you like for a while before investing. If they go up and you miss out, you will have learned that your method of coming up with penny stocks may be effective. And don't worry, because there is always another good penny stock just around the corner.

You can benefit dramatically by joining a proven penny stock picking service, like Peter Leeds. However, you will benefit the most if you get Hot List penny stocks picked by Peter Leeds, and then research the shares of each company yourself before you invest.