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Penny Stocks Glossary

For penny stock terms, I suggest the use of the glossary included with Understanding Penny Stocks.


I strongly suggest the use of charts when tracking or analyzing your penny stocks. A picture is worth a thousand words. By far, the best charting service on the Internet is BigCharts, based on ease of use, reliability, speed, and information presentation.


If you have a broker, I suggest getting penny stock quotes through their web site. Beyond this there are hundreds of sources on the Internet to derive quotes from.

Company News in Penny Stocks

Many services that provide quotes also provide news and press releases.

Portfolio Monitor

With a portfolio monitor, you can track several penny stocks at once. This is very useful to help you keep an eye on your picks. It is also an effective tool when you want to monitor many potential investments at once, in order to look for trading opportunties.

Penny Stock Profiles

Profiles give you a snapshot look at a company, including an explanation of their business model, some select trading data, and some fundamental details. Each profile is different depending on the source, so you may want to get profiles from several different sources for the same penny stock.

Penny Stock Message Boards

I discourage the use of message boards, even for those of you who understand the dangers of misinformation. I can not provide any insight into which message boards are the best.

Penny Stock Picks

Before getting any penny stock picks, help yourself by reading the following two sections: Watch Out for These Dangers, and Benefits to Look for in a Penny Stock Picking Service.