Questions and AnswersUnderstanding Penny Stocks by Peter Leeds

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Miscellaneous Questions

How can I find out if my old stock certificates have any value?

This is addressed in our section about old stock certificates.

I own some penny stock certificates. Can I transfer these to my broker?

Certainly, assuming that the companies still have any trading value. Your broker can explain how to transfer the penny stocks over to them, after which you will be able to trade the shares.

Which penny stock picking services can I trust?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of stock picking services out there, and we are sad to say that most of them are dishonest, misleading, or ineffective. The majority take compensation from the companies they promote.

Make sure to review Benefits in Penny Stock Pick Services as well as Penny Stock Dangers.

Of course, I am supporting the services of (Peter Leeds Penny Stocks). At Peter Leeds we never receive any form of compensation from the companies we research, and our picks have done so well that we've become the predominant service for penny stock picks, and attracted coverage from NBC, Fox, CBS, and more.

Can I buy shares directly from the company?

It is possible, but we strongly discourage this practice as described in the earlier section, Where Do Penny Stocks Trade?

Should I invest in Canadian penny stocks?

It depends on your trading objectives and style. Certainly there are many more penny stocks trading on regulated exchanges in Canada, so you benefit from a greater choice and a higher standard of reporting requirements.

At the same time, you will be subject to higher commissions from your broker and may not have access to the same information that is available for U.S. based penny stocks.

Certainly there are a great deal of Canadian penny stocks to choose from, but if you are not able to find great penny stocks to buy in the U.S. markets, what makes you think that you will be able to do so on foreign exchanges?

Should I invest in international penny stocks?

Again, this depends on your own motivations and objectives. We do not see any need for U.S. investors to look overseas for penny stocks, unless they have some compelling reason to do so.

Why does a penny stock get halted, and what does it mean?

A penny stock can be halted either voluntarily by the company itself, if they have some significant news to release that may impact the share price, or by the parent exchange due to reasons like failing to provide required data to the exchange, or failure to meet the listing requirements.

When a penny stock is halted, you will be unable to trade the shares. Often, if the halt is for the release and dissemination of a news item, the penny stock will start trading again at a different price (higher or lower accordingly) than it was at when trading was interrupted. Penny stocks can stay halted for a matter of hours, or for several days. In some cases, especially if the news is very bad, the stock may remain halted for weeks, or never resume trading at all.

You can review my deeper explanation of halted penny stocks in this section, called Halts and Delistings.