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Penny Stock Prophecies

Penny Stock Prophecy # 1: Penny stocks, seen more and more as a legitimate investment vehicle, will gain in popularity among new and less experienced traders. While the negative connotations will remain among Wall Street big-wigs and institutional investors, there will be a silent strata of society that routinely makes quiet profits in penny stocks.

Penny Stock Prophecy # 2: Through tools like The Penny Stocks Guide regular investors will finally be able to learn about, understand, and profit from the world of penny stock trading.

Penny Stock Prophecy # 3: Investors will be better able to protect themselves from common pitfalls in penny stocks, due to an increase in the wealth of knowledge on the topic. They will also be able to avoid 'pretenders' selling their unenlightened stock picks, and skirt around dangerous investments more easily.

For more details about this, read Benefits in Penny Stock Picking Services.

Penny Stock Prophecy # 4: The majority of penny stock traders will fail to enlighten themselves by taking the time to read information sources like Why Trade Penny Stocks. Instead they will anxiously dump money onto those penny stocks they hear about at work, or from a friend, or read in a chat room. They will lose money.

Penny Stock Prophecy # 5: Reporting requirements and available information on penny stocks will become somewhat more readily available. However, the total amount of information will still fall short of what is present for more conventional and commonly held equities, and will also fall short of what would best help individual investors to research their own penny stocks.

Penny Stock Prophecy # 6: We are about to enter a lost decade, where the stock market trades sideways for many years. Profits will only come from specific companies, but not the majority. Penny stocks selected by Peter Leeds will be highly likely to produce excellent returns, while other investors do not fare very well.

Penny Stock Prophecy # 7: When another 'dot-com' bubble, or Bre-X, or mortgage meltdown, or Enron surfaces, and it will, the majority of traders will get burned. Meanwhile, a small minority of penny stock traders will make a quiet killing on the underlying penny stocks and you will never hear from them or about them.